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Website Design Services


A presence on the world wide web is fast becoming essential for any business, large or small. It is a modern means of "hanging a shingle". Even a simple website can make a difference when one is striving for exposure.

It should be clear that the principal purpose of a website is the organized distribution of information. To this end, my goal in website design is to keep the site simple. I feel that the most important qualities in a site are

-Easy-to-find information

-Short waiting times
-Attractive visual presence
-Search-engine friendliness.

As entertaining and glitzy as are the animation plug-ins, many surfers don't have the extra time it takes to load them when visiting a site, and may actually skip past the site altogether. In addition, it is very important not to exclude any viewer by requiring special downloads or the newest web browsers to view the site. Graphics play a major role in the professional appearance of a website. Navigation must be clear and concise, and the proper use of code can produce a significant advantage in search engine listings.

At this point, it's probably most useful to view some of the sites that have been completed and explain the premise behind the unique requirements of each one. Click on the miniature web page to learn more.

Paul Savageau. Click for more information.

Paul Savageau

- Self-maintainance

Adventures with Jazz

Adventures with Jazz. Click for more information.

- Fast Information
- Printer-friendly promo

Neary Welding/Lowe Metal Recycling

Neary Welding. Click for more information.

- Two Companies in One

Woodvale String Quartet

Woodvale String Quartet. Click for more information.

- Classical elegance
- In-depth information for first-time wedding couples


DRUMBUDDY. Click for more information.

- New Musical Invention
- E-commerce and clear explanation of design and purpose.

General Information

Even a simple website is more complicated than meets the eye. For example, this site you are viewing now, as simple as it appears, is made up of approximately 100 separate files consisting of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, graphics, and sound recordings. Some of these files are quite large.

If you are thinking about launching a site, here are a few things to expect before you contact me or other website designer:

- Use only good photographs and graphics. Nothing degrades the look of a site faster than an unattractive photo. Many photos can have a dramatic facelift with a graphics program, while others are a lost cause.
- Keep the number and size of photos and graphics to a minimum. Nothing slows down a load time more.
- There is a constant balance required between fancy and functional. Expect to keep text in simple HTML. The font choices are very limited, but the search engines read this best. (I even keep javaScript code to a minimum because the search engines don't know quite what to do with it yet.)
- Write down all the information you want to show in the site. There is always more to spell out than you at first think, and the list will keep growing. It can be organized afterward. This will help you and the website designer form a concept for the site and its menu.

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