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Model Railroad

When I was a music student in college, my cello teacher noticed that I looked stressed out (I was playing jazz gigs until 2 am and then going to 8 am cello lessons). He asked me if I had a hobby and I hesitated, then said, "Music?". He stamped his feet and yelled at me that music was a profession for me, not a hobby, and insisted everyone should have a hobby. Years later now, I've taken his advice and revived a childhood hobby, using much of the HO train gear that I had saved. For those new to HO, it is 1/87th scale. That puts a 6' man at about 3/4 inch tall.

These photos of my ongoing layout were taken with a digital camera, and the skies are faked. Everything else remains untouched, however. The right-hand half of the layout, where all the pictures are from, is just about finished. Just click a thumbnail image below. For a layout diagram, click here.

For some 3-D images of the layout, check this out. I've always been interested in 3-D images for a stereopticon, but this works on the web. They may take some time to load if you have dialup (about 25 seconds). They might also make you dizzy, because they use animation, but it's a pretty cool concept.

Two bridges Covered bridge Tunnel
Farmhouse and barn View through covered bridge View upriver
Factory lot RR Crossing
Housing DevelopmentNeighborhoodCliff Road
Hiker hiker trail Picnic area
Factory Factory Factory
Neighborhood Checkers Trestle

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