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Acoustic Bass:
After You've Gone (mp3)
Try Again (mp3)
At the Altar (mp3)
Stardust (mp3)
Fretless Bass:
Spider (mp3)
Electric Bass:
Kydd's Song (mp3)

This page contains a collection of some of the various recordings on which Roger has performed, with information about the artists. To the left are a few demos, categorized by instrument.

Included below are reviews and song samples from each CD. Many of the samples were chosen to highlight the bass or cello performances. The remainder were chosen because they were just really good songs. All songs used by permission.

Traditional Jazz Modern Jazz Acoustic Folk Jazz with Strings Jazz Vocal More Artists

Harry Skoler

Traditional Jazz

Soon (mp3)
Recado Bossa Nova(mp3)
Harry Skoler: clarinet
Ed Saindon: vibraphone
Roger Kimball: bass
Tim Gilmore: drums

Conversations in the Language of Jazz (1994)

"...the sound is sweet, melodic, and solidly swinging. The interplay between clarinetist Harry Skoler and vibist Ed Saindon is intricate and playful anchored by the solid rhythm section of Roger Kimball on bass and Tim Gilmore on drums."
- J.C. Lockwood

"Fortunately, there are still some artists out there who combine an understanding of the roots of jazz with musical talent to match. One such is clarinetist Harry Skoler. In "Conversations" Skoler puts it all together with meticulous rendering of classics... while the others (Saindon, Kimball and Gilmore) do accompany Skoler's solo work, they also stand out as truly talented individuals, creating a musical consensus. This recording is a conversation among four musicians whose instruments speak for them."
- Tom Hall, Portsmouth Herald

After You've Gone (mp3)
Don't Be That Way (mp3)
Harry Skoler: clarinet
Ed Saindon: vibraphone
Roger Kimball: bass
Tim Gilmore: drums

Reflections on the Art of Swing: A Tribute to Benny Goodman (1996)

"...Skoler plays flawlessly throughout...His beautifully contoured, well-modulated soft tone, his trills and tremolos, his fluency over the instrument's vast terrain are all worthy of commendation..."
- Jack Sohmer, Mississippi Rag

"While the spirit of the great band leader is never far from Skoler's clarinet playing, it's the chemistry between the band, vibraphonist Ed Saindon, bassist Roger Kimball, and drummer Tim Gilmore, that makes the disc one of the most enjoyable of the year."
- Brian Goslow, The Worcester Phoenix

Portrait of Daniel (mp3)
Your Story (mp3)
Harry Skoler: clarinet
Donn Trenner: piano
Garrison Fewell: guitar
Roger Kimball: bass
Tim Gilmore: drums

Live on YouTube with Berklee orchestra

A Work of Heart (1999)

"Harry Skoler is a clarinetist who employs this difficult instrument with a gentle and loving touch. The Berklee professor evokes little of Benny Goodman, except for comparable agility and skill. Skoler's sound is elegantly supple and played mostly in a lush lower-register. The 10 tracks are performed in different musical combinations, adding vibraphonist Rich Margolis on two. But the main collaboration is Skoler and pianist-arranger-producer Donn Trenner, whose lineage ranges from Charlie Parker and Chet Baker to Lena Horne and Mel Torme. Their interplay is stunningly psychic, and their duets on 'Don't Ever Go Away' and 'Soliloquy' are absolutely exquisite. A remarkable album that will stay in my current rotation."
- Patricia Myers JAZZTIMES April 2000

Richard Gardzina

Modern Jazz

Try Again (mp3)
Moss on the Rocks (mp3)
First Take (mp3)
Richard Gardzina: winds
Steve Aubert: keyboards
Roger Kimball: bass
David Berman: drums

Play This (1998)

"...Play This sends us moving toward the new millennium - soulfully, joyfully, and spiritually jazzed."
-Fred Tackett of Little Feat

"'Remembering You' is perfect! The accompaniment from the band is superb and Gardzina's sax is sultry. Gardzina wrote this one in the '80s as a reflection of 'the wonderful experiences life offers.' I can sense that. If an instrumental ever exuded an introspective tone, it's this one. It's no wonder the CD was titled Play This. It should be...a lot!
-William A. Huffman, Jam Music Magazine

Karma (mp3)
Festival (mp3)
Richard Gardzina: winds
Steve Aubert: keyboards
Roger Kimball: bass
David Berman: drums

Imaginings (2000)

"A truly beautiful and inspiring album with something for everyone. Imaginings feeds the mind, the heart, and the soul with memorable compositions that play with each emotion as though they, too, were instruments. Imaginings is an honest representation of contemporary jazz at its best."
-Rick Considine, Professor, Berklee College of Music

Through the Gate (mp3)
Easy to Remember (mp3)
Walking on Circles (mp3)
Richard Gardzina: winds
Tom Robinson: keyboards
Tony Wolff: guitar
Roger Kimball: bass
Tim Gilmore: drums

Where Words Do Not Go (2005)

His latest CD, it features 5 originals and 4 standards including the enchanting Tennessee Waltz. The recording was captured one Sunday afternoon/evening mostly in 1 take. "A pretty organic album". Rich with often-sought-after live communication and energy.

Diane Taraz

Acoustic Folk

Raisin Pie (mp3)
Diane Taraz: vocals, guitar
Johnny Cunningham: fiddle
Roger Kimball: upright bass

Spider (mp3)
Diane Taraz: vocals, guitar, dulcimer
David Madden: flute
Roger Kimball: fretless bass

Un Flambeau (mp3)
Diane Taraz: vocals, guitar
Roger Kimball: cello
Bob Wilson: violin
John Taraskiewicz: electric bass

Shoes That Fit Like Sand (1993)

"Rarely, if ever, does a new singer/songwriter literally jump out of the CD player and make me take notice, but that's exactly what happened the first time I heard Diane Taraz. Whenever I play the album on the air, the phones light up with listeners asking, 'Who's THAT?' "
Wanda Fischer, producer/host, "Hudson River Sampler," WAMC-FM, Albany, NY

"Diane Taraz is an exceptionally talented writer and a gifted singer and guitarist. She also has a nicely sly wit and a very pleasing performance style. She's top-notch."
Frank Dudgeon, WUMB-FM, Boston, Mass.

"Her smooth, rich voice is one of the best on the folk circuit. She is also a very good songwriter. . . Diane's album "Shoes That Fit Like Sand" is so good, I was stunned when I first heard it."
KVMR-FM Program Guide Nevada City, California

North Star Jazz Ensemble
& The Woodvale String Quartet

Traditional Jazz with Strings

Stardust (mp3)
I'll Be Seeing You (mp3)
Bruce Abbott: tenor, alto and soprano saxophones
Ron Fournier: piano
Paul Mason: drums
Marty Ballou: bass
Robert Curtis: violin
Lynne Canavan: violin
Lisa Kempskie: viola
Roger Kimball: cello

Moonlight and Sax (2002)

"'Moonlight and Sax' is an outstanding collection of smooth jazz interpretations of jazz standards featuring the saxophone performances of Bruce Abbott and the piano performances of Ron Fournier, accompanied by the mellow sounds of The North Star Jazz Ensemble and The Woodvale String Quartet. For those who enjoy great mellow smooth jazz, this collection of 11 songs is a perfect winner.

Bruce Abbott is a master of smooth jazz saxophone, Ron Fournier is a master of smooth & inventive piano stylings, and a special nod to Roger Kimball on cello and all of the performers who set out to create a remarkable and memorable recording session. Marty Ballou is topnotch on bass, and the violin and viola section is firstrate. Highly recommended."
Lee Prosser, JazzReview.com, 2002

Kimberly Keating

Jazz Vocal with Quartet

The Very Thought of You
I've Gotten Over You
Kim Keating: vocal
Dino Gavoni: saxophone
Ben Cook: piano
John Posco: drums
Roger Kimball: bass

Overjoyed (2009)

"Beautiful voice. Songs from the artists that have inspired Kim over the many years of performing. From jazz standards to Stevie Wonder, including Billy Joel and The Carpenters. Marvelously musical collection."

More Artists

Gary Santarella

Classic music of the 60s and 70s showcased by the perfect blend of acoustic instruments and voices.

Meg Rayne

Her newest CD "Let's Put the Moon to Bed", reminiscent of the 40ís smooth sexy romantic style.
Her CD "Open Up to the Spirit", wonderful songs of love and faith to celebrate all paths to the Divine.

Peter Calo

Many CDs by this talented guitarist/singer/songwriter.

Pete Francis

The Woodvale String Quartet is fortunate to be a part of this wonderful singer/songwriter's latest CD, "Untold".

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