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Welcome to www.rogerkimball.com.

Strings and versatility.

Classical to jazz: live music for your event.

Music arranging services: classical, pop, jazz, etc.

A discography with artist information, song samples, including bass and cello demos.

Live performances open to the public.

Learn about custom website design service.

Everyone should have a hobby.

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Website Graphics

Graphics (photos and special text), more than any other element on a website, set the tone of professionality and energy. Even if unconscious of the fact, the average viewer expects quality, and will react negatively to a blase-looking page. The ability to create graphics and manipulate photographs is a crucial skill in a web designer's arsenal. Often a mundane photo can be transformed remarkably to create a particular atmosphere. In the example below, notice the contrast in atmosphere and intimacy between the pair of photographs. Originally shot in a basement (left), the image on the right is manipulated to resemble a candid shot of live performance with stage lighting. Special thanks to Mark Retallack, the subject.

Mark RetallackMark Retallack

Designed to be used with a black background, the photo stands out even more as its perimeter blends into this background. In this example, roll over the image with the mouse cursor to see the new image and view the full effect.

Likewise, careful masking yields dynamic results. (Getting rid of that guy in the background with the ill-fitting suit was a must.) Special thanks to Cameron Schmitz, the main subject. Roll over the photo with the mouse to effect the swap. Once again, he is on stage.

The duo.

Cameron Schmitz Mark Retallack


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